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BC's Budget

does it provide funding for better communication to decrease polarization?

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I was glad to see that Climate Change is a focus of this budget and am wondering if there is funding for deeper communication on a community level that will avoid the polarizations and apathy we currently see in our society. If you know the answer to this pleaseadd a comment below or email me directly.

Renewing The Future is about changing the way we communicate by going deeper into what is important to each of us. We can increase collaboration by exploring what is important through the lens that we are all, aready, amazing and thus have a lot of common ground. Increasing the felt connection through story telling, laughing, sharing food and other hard-wired nerual pathways that define community. "The closest distence between two people is laughter "- Victor Borgia

We can map world views and shift to collaboration by having a beautiful, neutral, physical setting and share the experiance of listening to each other with positive and active communication. (NVC) We define our community by those that we share laughter, food, music and dancing, learning and working together. Even harmonizing our voices affects how our brain processes our community attachments. When we learn together, we deepen our inclusion. Today there is to much polarization to act on the climate crisis, what needs doing needs all of us. Another hindrance to action is paralyzing apathy that comes from eroded hope.

Commanding Hope by Thomas Homer-Dixon is a great deeper dive into this subject. In short we will recover our agency when we have shared our fears, hopes and dreams about the future with others with a call to an action that is within our grasp. SMART goals ( are good but we need to all be working together. What needs doing needs all of us.



Jake Enns fonder and co-Director