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PKOLS - Formerly known as Mt Doug

I have for years now taught my son that this is the true name of this park.

I was deeply impacted by the youtube by Joni Olsen called Dougla's Word..

The times were turbulent. disputes over logging of important trees had raised anger. A further atrocity, the killing of a young boy was leading to talk of war. The cost would have been substantual and devastating to everyone. A peace treaty was arranged. This was then later construed as the sale of territory. An appropriatly angry people, confrunted with injustice by their standards would not have given up the traditional lands that they thrived on. It was terrritoy they occupied and managed as part of the life that sustained all creatures.

I am graeful that this will be the name it is called. Google maps has been updated.

Jake Enns fonder and co-Director