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Urgent Action Needed

Federal Government Budget - What is missing...

I applaud any attention and monetary resourses going to what already is the dominant issue facing humanity; even if many are not yet aware of it.

So what is missing from this buget?

Listening to the scientific community on what works. Pouring millions into Carbon Capture that is doing very little AND is underperforming acourding to thier own project projections.

I would rather the money go into vastly larger rebates and zero interest loans for trucks and delivery vehicles that are using far more carbon fuel and driving for hours each day. Many are keenly aware of how much carbon fuels they use, they see it at the pump each fill up. Many want to switch over now! The barrier is up front costs. Lets help them now so they can help us create a different future. Zero interest loans for zero emmissions in a renewed future.


Jake Enns fonder and co-Director