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    I do not come with an answer - I am a white settler.

    Actually, I know less than a toddler. A toddler has already a lot of learning and experiance.

    I often do not even know what I have done wrong.

    How I might have caused offence.

    I choose to learn and change my world view.

    I have a passion and vision for doing things differently that has been in the making for over 40 years.

    I do not have the right or wisdom to teach this perspective. I will be doing my own work in learning about the history, culture, and place names.

    For example, I now see how the Douglas treaty was seen as a peace treaty, not a surrendering of the land. Douglas was trying to avoid a war with a much more numerous peoples upon whom they were dependant for food. The W̱SÁNEĆ peoples were angry about the killing of a boy and the destructive logging of trees on their territory. The meeting on P'Kols (Mount Doug was seen as a way of bringing peace with a promise that all the land that could be seen would be left undisturbed for the W̱SÁNEĆ peoples use.


    Please check out the settlers resource of the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council webpage.