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    Renewing the Future Society!


    Our mission is to build community connections to be resilient and strong so we can have vital conversations around the many crises that we face right now. Post-pandemic mental health, our health care system, the climate change crisis, and Indigenous reconciliation. Given that our culture has systems of governance and communication that are inherently divisive and argumentative; it is critical that we all step out of that paradigm and focus first on laughing, listening, and weaving our stories together. Setting a positive, collaborative tone by utilizing the brain's hardwired trust and community connections that are activated through positive shared experiences allows us to build appropriate trust to explore what is most important to all of us.


    'Respecting Life' can become the central and guiding principle of how we relate to each other and this world.

    A truly grassroots neighborhood initiative for meaningful conversations that shape our future. When we laugh together, play together, and weave our stoies into one - we can talk about anything!

  • Renewing the Future Society

    is aware that we are building community with a shared future on the unceded Traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən (lay-kwung-gen) peoples represented by the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and the W̱SÁNEĆ (weh-saanich) peoples represented by the Tsartlip (Sart-Lip), Pauquachin (Paw-Qua-Chin), Tsawout (Say-Out), Tseycum (Sigh-Come) and Malahat (Mal-a-hat) Nations. whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day. This traditional territory was misappropriated by white settlers, of whom this writer is a part. In doing so the white settlers grievously disrupted the former prosperity of the indigenous peoples, who had all that they required in abundance. They occupied this territory (and are still here!) for countless generations, not as landowners, but as caretakers and interactive participants in the web of life; under their understanding of the laws of the Creator. Dispossessed of livelihood, lifestyle, and culture, the very people who provided food to the first settlers were, and continue to be, economically and socially disadvantaged in ways that are still codified by laws and customs.

    How to make this right?

    Only the indigenous peoples can

    guide us in this process.

    We acknowledge that we need a humble, integrated, partnership with all Indigenous Peoples to build a respectful and sustainable society that can act decisively on climate change.

    This relationship will guide us in all that we do.

    Addressing systemic racism has to be integral to any action or position. Thus, individual and community plans for reconciliation are inherent in climate action. In addition, scientific studies show that Indigenous-managed lands sequester more carbon than western styles of land management. [Regeneration: How to solve climate change in one generation, Paul Hawken]

    Collaborating for Future Generations

  • Montague Park Block Party!


    Multiple times summer of 2023

    Friends and neighbors rebuilding connections

    Party! Picnic! Games! DJ/Dancing!

    Country Crepes Food Truck

    Near University/Gorden Head
    Off Graduation Pl or Hazelton Pl
    (if driving, please try to carpool to be good neighbours)
  • Feedback to build the next party even better!


  • A Neighborhood Dome...

    a new and safe space to come together.

    Only by working together can we create a future for our children.

    What needs doing needs all of us.

    Only with laughter, stories, sharing food, learning, and working together can we develop the deep connections and communication to get at the heart of what is important to all and actualize a plan that supports climate action and sustainable society.

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    Deep communication experiances and shared stories explore individual and communal responses to climate change, reconcilliation, and growing a positive sustainable future.

    Our goal is to work within  local communities in a uniquely positive setting to deepen the conversation around Climate Change and Indigenous Reconciliation, Current and Post-Pandemic Mental Health, and any other learnings requested by that community. A partial list of other topics could be:




    Food Security and Growing Fresh Food

    Emergancy Preparedness

    Renewable Energy

    Community Sustainability

    Much More....

    Strategic Partnerships with Governments and Local Buisness


    Positive connections with local businesses are essential. alongside this, we must foster relationships with all levels of government and programs with particular attention to Indigenous leadership. One example is our unique ability to support advanced emergency preparedness. A place where the lights are always on - with its own microgrid, for independent power and emergency supplies and facilities. Community-based medical supplies, food, and washrooms are essential if local homes are disrupted during an earthquake or other disaster.


    Social and Ecological Sustainability!

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    Phiosophy and Values

    Our common values and shared human condition are solid common ground on which to build a positive future.

    If you can imagine, dream, and wonder... then you are already amazing! If you can enjoy art, music, and beauty then you are already amazing!

    If you can have a new idea and communicate it to someone else, then you're awesome!

    We all share this one planet.

    We all want a positive future for our children.

    We can create this together.

    What needs doing needs all of us!

  • Renewing the Future News

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    I am pleased to report that the first dome purchased will be set up on W̱SÁNEĆ territory as a greenhouse. Symbolicly it is about growing food. The Indigenous food security was destroyed. It is also a natural circle. Great for sharing time as part of life. not over or above.  
    Hey everyone! Come party Friday Aug 26th for the last Block Party of the summer. We intend to have other events over the next few months once funding for a 36th ft dome is arranged. Keep an eye out here for more details.      
    I have for years now taught my son that this is the true name of this park. I was deeply impacted by the youtube by Joni Olsen called Dougla's Word.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRGGZ9wXyq4 The times were turbulent. disputes over logging of important trees had raised anger. A further...
  • We're Inviting Partners!

    People with passion and purpose have been anticipating these opportunities!

    First Nations Co-Director or Partner Organization

    The Indigenous Co-Director or partner organization is passionate about the environment and sharing indigenous knowledge for the good of all. Experienced in bringing Indigenous perspectives to the rest of us.

    This person or organization is an equal partner and a teacher. They will be largely responsible for defining their own role within the overall purpose of communication around the climate crisis and building a common future. They will be responsible to make sure the Indigenous perspective and any settler blindspots are illuminated.

    Some areas of responsibility will be Indigenous Language and Place Names, Food Security, Storytelling, Equality and Issues arising from Systemic Racism, and of course Reconciliation.

    Finance and Fundraising

    Grant Writer and Bookkeeper


    Set-up and Supply detail oriented

    Board Members

    Bring your skills to impact thousands by having a say in building this truly grass roots.

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